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Total Learning Centers is proud to now offer ONLINE TUTORING to support students & parents during the current school closure situation. Students are paired with a trained tutor over video to conduct sessions. While we all try to navigate these uncertain and try maintain normalcy, let's continue to prioritize your child's academic progress. Let's alleviate stress & guilt by providing your child with the best options to stay on track in school. TLC ONLINE TUTORING offers SUPPORT, FLEXIBILITY, PROGRESS, STUDENT-PACED INSTRUCTION, ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS & INDIVIDUALIZED CURRICULUM TO FIT EACH STUDENT NEED.

Waiting another 2 weeks, or more, not only delays progress toward goals, but will likely cause falling further behind in exactly the areas needing most improvement. So, we highly recommend you consider contacting any of us today to schedule continuing tutoring sessions. We're still busy helping students remove barriers to learning while increasing confidence in the process.
That's what TLC does in person or online.

Unsure of how to start, or what program might be the best fit for your child? Give us a call or send us an email to get started. A TLC staff member will be ready to help you promptly. Don't worry, we've got it from here. We're all in this together as we continue to strive for academic success!


Total Learning Centers was founded on the principles of caring for the entire student in order to meet their academic requirements and individual needs. Distinguished by more than 30 years of professional and doctorate-level experience, Total Learning Centers is a brain-based learning facility based in Wexford, PA that offers a wide variety of services and programs to students to ensure their needs are met academically, emotionally and socially. 

Programs and services include individualized instruction from top-notch tutors, including Math and Reading, College Board-level SAT and ACT Prep, Test-Taking Anxiety Training, Homework Help, Executive Functioning Training, Testing & Evaluations, and more!


Here at Total Learning Centers, we have the best tutoring in Pittsburgh with programs tailored to your child’s needs in an open environment meticulously designed to help your child succeed. Using testing and evaluation results, we offer one-on-one and small group tutoring options in reading, writing, math, and science for students in preschool through college.  

Watch as your student’s self-esteem rises as skills improve while learning study and homework strategies through personalized, multi-sensory, research-proven tutoring methods.

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Evaluations & Testing

TLC Evaluations & Testing pinpoint exactly where your child struggles with the learning process. The detailed test results lead to “best practice” programs individualized to your child’s unique needs. After testing, we provide the evaluation results to you during an in-person conference. Our reports and consultations are targeted to improve learning, attention, motivation, behavior, and academic success.

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Total Learning Academy

Total Learning Centers’ Total Learning Academy (TLA) is a multi-sensory, discovery learning school option for students whose needs are not met by a traditional school environment. We specialize in individualizing instruction to meet every need of our students. We are proud of our long history in Western Pennsylvania of helping students find success and achieve their goals. 

Our program includes services designed to provide emotional support, homework help, social skills training as well as educational instruction.

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