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Writing Tutoring

Learn the ‘WRITE’ way with Total Learning Centers! – Writing Tutoring Program

“Writing is thinking on paper.”  – William Zinsser

Writing transcends all subjects. Throughout a student’s life, writing becomes an essential tool and a major asset to students. Often, those who struggle with writing or organizing their thoughts on paper need guidance and technique. Fortunately, weaknesses can become strengths with Total Learning Centers’ specialized tutoring practices.

Tutors specialize in honing in on the student’s level, skill, and problem areas, allowing them to individualize the program according to the student’s goals. This efficient and cost-effective methodology allows students to improve at their pace, based on their individual needs.

Students of all ages and levels, elementary through college, can benefit from Total Learning Centers’ writing tutoring programs.

Our programs start with the basics like grammar, organization, comprehension, then focus on more complex ideas as the student learn and grow. With TLC, your child can continue to write their own stories with confidence!


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