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World of Learning

Develop a stronger foundation through TLC’s World of Learning!

Drastically improve reading, writing, math, and executive functioning. Each World of Learning program is unique, based on your child’s testing and evaluation results.

Why do students see tremendous gains?

TLC’s child-friendly professionals use “best practices” including multisensory teaching.

Significant results from World of Learning programs are seen both at school and at home. Students frequently experience higher grades tied to lower homework frustration and increased motivation. With less frustration, students also build stronger parent-child relationships and find future career success.

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World of Reading

“Reading” is not just one skill. Using Orton-Gillingham strategies, our students develop reading mastery by learning basic skills, fluency and comprehension skills. World of Reading starts from simply being able to read the words on the page and builds to full-text comprehension and analysis.

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World of Writing

In our World of Writing program, each student becomes competent and confident in all aspects of writing.  Skills mastered include, but are not limited to, sentence structure, grammar concepts, journal writing, creative story writing and more. Students learn step-by-step writing strategies to help them better organize and complete writing assignments.

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World of Math

Without a strong foundation, math is easily frustrating at any age. If your child is finding difficulty with math homework, tests, mental math, or other math skills and activities, World of Math was built to help them.

World of Math dissects the basics of math and integrates more advanced skills to ensure that your child will stop falling behind in their math classes and begin to succeed in closing the gap. For high school students, in addition to the basics, we parallel your child’s school curriculum to optimize mastery.

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World of Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning impacts a child’s life both in and out of school. Memory, processing speed, focus, organization, as well as other cognitive processes, strong executive functioning is necessary for success in school and life. Our experts, Dr. Carol Utay and Dr. Joe Utay, have created individualized multisensory programs proven to help your child prepare today for success tomorrow.

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