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Upcoming Webinar and E-book to Answer Questions about Online Learning for Students with 504 or IEP Plans.

Upcoming Webinar and E-book to Answer Questions about Online Learning for Students with 504 or IEP Plans.

By Dr. Carol Utay, TLC Executive Director

Online Learning is a great and appropriate response to COVID-19 virus educational restraints. Yet, for many of our students, it has created new challenges. Students with IEP and 504 plans are not really set up with appropriate accommodations and modifications that are necessary to make online independent learning a success. Is this the fault of teachers and schools? Of course not! Nobody knew that suddenly all of our school buildings were going to be shut and that 25% of the 2019-2020 school year would be online rather than face-to-face.

Our cyber schools were in many ways the only ones even a little ready for this challenge. But after talking to colleagues at some of the cyber schools, even they weren’t ready! Many students in cyber schools need a 1:1 assistant to help them stay on task or modify the online lessons. What happened with those students when they could not have their instructional assistance at home working with them?

After nearly 50 days of the “stay at home policy” and at least another 30 days coming up, we’re just beginning to figure out what we need and how to make it work.  I have had question after question from parents who asked, “What would be reasonable to request for our students?” or “What should I do if the teacher responds ‘No we can’t do that’ to a request?”

Those are great questions! I don’t know that there’s anybody who knows all the answers, but it’s time to find out what to do. In an effort to answer these questions for our parents, we have developed a webinar for May 8th at 11AM with attorney Nancy E. Potter from McAndrews Law Offices. We also created an eBook, free for those who register – 40 Expert Tips for Students with an IEP or 504: Practical Proven Strategies to Maximize Online Learning.

These will allow you to begin thinking about what accommodations and modifications might work and narrow them down to the ones that will really help your child.

I added registration information at the end of this post, if you would like to join us. The eBook will be available first for those that attend the webinar and to everyone else a week later, available to download on our website.

If you have individual questions, feel free to email success@totallearningcenter.com. Together, we are figuring out how to best keep our students moving forward in their education in spite of the COVID-19 virus.

Looking forward to continuing this conversation with you all during the webinar May 8th, or after the webinar through email or phone calls. Please share your successes so we can share them with other parents. We all need to continue working together at this challenging time for ourselves and the children we are committed to help.

REGISTER HERE: https://totallearningcenter.com/webinar-registration-friday-may-8th/

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