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Total Learning Academy


Total Learning Academy provides intensive remediation and individualized instruction to students whose needs are not fully met in the traditional school setting. Known for implementing individualized services for executive functioning, reading, writing, math, sensory and emotional needs, TLA’s dedicated staff collaborates with each child’s team to create the best plan for their long-term success.




Our Goals

Within a positive school climate associated with academic, social, and emotional development, students, families and Total Learning Academy’s professional staff work to develop and contribute to a shared school vision. As an intensive learning environment with high student expectations, our staff believes that concern and attention to the quality and character of school life are essential to providing positive nurturing care and compassion to those we serve.

Our school’s climate promotes constructive goals and values in our students as we develop interpersonal relationships with our teaching and learning practices. TLA values a creative, remedial and multisensory educational environment where students are stimulated and excited about learning. The environment at TLA fosters self-advocacy skills, youth development and individualized learning necessary for a productive and satisfying life both in and beyond the classroom. We are proud of our long history of being known in the Western Pennsylvania community as successfully helping students.

With a teacher-student ratio of 1 to 7, students enjoy smaller classes for reading and math and interact with a larger group for science and social studies.  Blending online curriculum with supplemental, discovery learning instruction in the classroom, each student’s learning experience is molded to their needs.


TLA Programs & Services

Our expert staff at Total Learning Academy develops a comprehensive and individualized education plan within a students IEP or based on their evaluated needs and goals.

Each individualized plan includes…

  • Instruction
  • Homework support
  • Emotional and social support
  • Coordination for family and student provider services

Strategies to continue minimizing frustration and maximizing progress include…

  • Social skills training
  • Independent study skills including study strategies, test-taking strategies, and long-term project planning
  • Self-advocacy skills training
  • Training executive functioning skills (including memory, attention and processing speed)
  • Counseling and emotional support


Another service under the Total Learning Academy umbrella is the Total Learning Prep program, which is designed for college-bound students who may need an extra boost to prepare them for the next stage of their education. Using an individualized approach, Total Learning Prep is for students who thrive in a smaller class setting with individualized attention.

Executive functioning skills (memory, processing, and focus) along with stress reduction are an integral part of the curriculum. Our high school students also receive SAT Prep incorporated into their curriculum as well as the option to attend classes at Community College during their Junior and Senior years.

We accept students in 6th – 12th grades with rolling admissions

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