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Student Spotlight: Zach Ravish

Student Spotlight: Zach Ravish

Hello, my name is Zachary Ravish. I am an employee at Total Learning Centers and a student at the day school, Total Learning Academy. I like to play video games and create different pieces of art for others to see. I have always enjoyed writing and one of my previous pieces, a haiku, was entered into a book of poems and short stories. I am extremely grateful to be on the writing team for Total Learning Center’s blog.

Video Games are Good for Jobs

By TLA Student: Zach Ravish

When others view you doing something in life that is utterly useless, some may see that it could be beneficial in finding a career. Video games are a great activity that you can play that will increase focus, memory, multitasking, and other kinds of skills that you will encounter in a job. With different games, you may have different ways of approaching a situation or a problem that you have in a job. Also, with different games, the things you learn from playing them might be beneficial in real-life situations. Sometimes, if you are good enough at a video game, you might be eligible to join a league in certain games, which is almost like a job. There are also different types of jobs related to video games such as creating a story, designing a level, programming the game, and many more options.

Multiple games like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, and others create good skills to have for jobs. If you had played a game and had a point in it where you needed to multi-task, that could be a great skill for a job. If you have an hour of playtime on a video game, that can increase concentration and boost focus. This could be useful with paying attention to important meetings or customers that might have a question or a concern. Eye-coordination is also another factor when it comes to playing video games. When playing a game, sometimes there might be multiple things on screen that require your eyes look at. Eye coordination can be beneficial for people who pilot airplanes, commercial pilots, physicians, and other jobs. There was also a study that involved people who played video games and people didn’t play games.

Video games are very diverse and there are many different types of games available to play. They will lead to many skills that apply in real life. While there are negatives to playing video games, the benefits outweigh the cons by large numbers. When you start to use what the video games have taught you, you then start to realize that the video games can be used in real-life situations. For example, artillery games were developed by the military to train soldiers on how to plot rocket coordinates. People that play RPGs can construct a great paper for a college or a job. The level of writing needed for that college or career requires a degree of storytelling that can be taught in the creative storylines that video games tell. Stealth games like the Dishonored and Metal Gear series, require a lot of precise movement and careful planning to progress. Skills like precision, planning-ahead, and strategizing learned from the games, could prepare one to be a surgeon, dentist, or a strategic planner for a company. These are only a few genres of games that can be influential to the people who play them, however there are many skills that you can learn from these games.

When you play a video game for a long time, you understand how to play extremely well, this might steer you into a video game league. A video game league is an electronic sport that is a competitive version of the video game between a collection of people. Being in a league means that you should keep a regular diet and exercise. Also, you must practice the game you excel at; two players who play League of Legends said that they practiced for 12 to 14 hours. These jobs, however, might not be a job that you will keep because most people retire in their mid-20s. The pay is very high with some players being paid up to three million dollars. If you played in a team in the past, then you could add to your resume that you can work in a group. The people in that group may look to you as a leader. Leadership, cooperation, and communication are essential skills that are transferable to nearly every profession.

There are so many skills that you can obtain when you play video games. However, some jobs look for people who can help in creating video games. Some of these skills could include but are not limited to; voice acting, coding the game, writing a script for a game, level designing, 3D modeling, and a vast number of other jobs that video game companies are needing to create a great game. These skills are a great addition to your resume. With having skills as a voice actor, people might think that you have a great voice when it comes to communicating with others. Another great skill to have is to be tech-savvy with computers and technology. Technology keeps improving all the time, some people will not be up to speed with the current system of technology. With these kinds of skills that someone may have, you could use them to fix a computer, solve an internal computer issue, and help with computer maintenance. Writing is also another great skill that you will need throughout your life and that can be developed from being part of the video game industry. It can help you think about the ideas that you have and better communicate with your co-workers. These skills are useful in various ways that will improve your skill set, allowing you to succeed in your job and be possibly promoted to another position.

Video games have skills that you can apply in many different situations in real life and they can help develop skills for many different jobs. Having different games at your disposal means that you have access to different skills that you can use while on the job. There are also skills that you can acquire when developing video games, either writing, voice acting, or coding the game. These skills can be listed on your resume and would look good to a potential employer. Video games can give our children great skills in the work force such as efficiency, accuracy, coordination, multitasking, or storytelling. With video games enveloping the youth, they are a welcoming addition for multiple skills that you can utilize in a job setting. They allow children to learn from experience in a controlled environment without any real-life consequences. Video games give our children great ways to become a master at certain skills required in the job field.

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