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Online Group School Coaching

Online Learning Support During COVID-19 Closures

Online Group School Coaching

For students struggling with the transition to remote school work, Total Learning Centers is now offering Online School Coaching groups to help students succeed. These groups meet several times throughout the week during morning and afternoon check-ins. Students will plan and prioritize their days’ work, manage their time, and build skills to foster their academic independence. In addition, they’ll have opportunities to get assistance with difficult directions or assignments. In every School Coaching session, the goal is to give students real-time feedback on their organization, time management, and study skills to help them on their journey to school success!

"If your child is having trouble getting started with independent work... we have the answer for you!"

Dr. Carol Utay, Executive Director

Structured, Individualized Curriculum

Focus on developing school-related skills to remediate the underlying causes to their current struggles

School Coaching Tutors available through Microsoft Teams platform to coach, ask and answer questions, track progress & more

Groups meet several times a week for normal morning & afternoon check-ins

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As students find themselves learning and completing school assignments from home, we are proud to now offer Online Group School Coaching to help students answer questions and more efficiently complete class work. In our experience, we know that many students have issues with getting started, completing their work or continuing to work through a problem if they get to a question they do not know. Students will have the opportunity to work with a trained and experienced tutor online to help them overcome these school obstacles and achieve success while learning from home! Please fill out this form and a TLC Administrator will be in touch with you shortly!  

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