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Mindful Noticing

Mindful Noticing

Mindful Noticing


Over the past several months, an idea has re-surfaced so many times it has become impossible to ignore its pull. Every week someone asks me about mindfulness – what it is and how it might help them with whatever they’re dealing with in their personal and/or TLC life. Because our schedules don’t allow for an in-person weekly Mindful Monday Meeting, like Ryan and I used to lead several years ago, the next best thing is to use technology to share these ideas. 


There are over 10,000 research articles and many more “ordinary” articles you can easily find on the Internet on mindfulness. So, I’m going to skip the history, rationale, potential benefits, etc. that are very easy for you to find if and when you’re interested.


I will, however, give you a brief definition of mindfulness: Paying attention, on purpose, to your current experience, nonjudgmentally. 


The practice this first week is “simply” to notice when you are already being mindful. Just acknowledge to yourself when you notice that “Right now I’m paying attention to what I’m experiencing, without judgment” or however you want to word it. 


As I’m writing this, I notice a kind of tightness in my stomach and an inner voice warning, “Someone may view this as more intrusive than helpful, an unwelcome attempt at influencing how they think… Yep, that’s my thought right now. Yes, that’s how someone might react to this message… Ok, back to writing.”


Ok, your turn. This week, pay attention to your attention. And, I’ll do the same.





For more on the idea of mindfulness and how it can improve your life in practical ways, please refer to the resources included below from the Maryville University:



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