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Making Change: Written by Tom Menditto, ADHD Coach

Making Change: Written by Tom Menditto, ADHD Coach

…you gotta hear this….

So, last week on friday, I am standing in line at wholefoods, paying for some overpriced but organic blueberries lol.  After I pay and get ready to go…I hear the guy in back of me say “oh shit”  I forgot my wallet.  The cashier says “is it in your car?”  The dude’s like “no, I forgot at home…I am on my work break and this was going to be lunch…damn it!” 

So, I turn to the brother, and say…”I got you”.  He then spends the next few minutes telling me how its “$15 dollars”, and it’s “too much”, and he “couldn’t let me do it”….Meanwhile, he has no choice has I already swiped my card, and I signed before he could even make the decision..lol

I say to him “With this $15 dollars I buy a ticket into a world where people do things like this for each other….for that is the world I want to live in…in fact…that is the world I live in…and that is what I what for our culture…and for our children.  And, so the next time you see someone in need…you pay it forward.  Imagine a world where we all did that?”  He wants my card, and this or that…and I just say peace brother..and I leave…

I turn…and begin to walk out, and I hear the cashier ask him about it…and the dude says “I am speechless”   LOL……He thinks I am some selfless dude…little does he know that I just bought the cheapest damn ticket to a NEW reality of Peace and Love…THAT was my buy in!  I bought LOVE that day!  FOR what I see is a new world…and I am willing to BE WEIRD enough…Out of the social NORM enough…and to BE BOLD enough to let my Words..not just be philosophy but be REAL…Have we ever stopped to think that you know….maybe it really is that simple?

Maybe all that the world needs is Leaders to set up…and do and ACT in accord with what they believe…and it starts with the small stuff.  Like letting people in line, or allowing people who are lost on the road the compassion to merge last minute, or holding the door open for people when you see them from a far.  The little seems so insignificant, but it is more important then you could ever realize….often times the little is the BIG

Do you remember the last time someone did a really nice act for you?…it could just be something so little and small…and yet it had such an amazing impact!!!  I invite anyone who feels that POWER to go out and be BOLD enough…be FEARLESS enough to ACT out what you feel in your heart, and go MAKE SUNSHINE where you see clouds….GO make RAINBOWS where you see rain!  Go LIFT up people in the small ways…think not big, but small….keep it simple stupid! 

The truth is that this act is not about them…it is about you!  We are all afraid of stuff like this…like…”$15 …i could have used that for something else” or “what will they think…maybe they might freak out at me”…..or “I dont have the time to hold doors for people what if I am late”…..FEAR FEAR and MORE FEAR

How long will we live trapped by it….look this invitation is about LEADERSHIP!  Last week I shared with you that you are already a LEADER…and you ARE! CULTURE is defined by the people…you are one of those people!  Right now you are defining culture…every act…defines it!  I know it is scary…but isnt there something out there for us BEYOND fear?  Part of Believing in something is TAKING A STAND….be the first one to do it!  Don’t think your selfless….just know that What you think you ARE….and people model other people

Every person that takes this and does this Creates Culture….every door holder…or rainbow maker,…or stranger who smiles…or person that decides to treat another…adds LOVERAGE to the CULTURE…ONE by ONE….we create CHANGE…because

WE ARE THE CHANGE….And here is the THING

I am in serious need of your LEADERSHIP POWER right NOW
We need your help with the kids and parents suffering with labels of all kinds…for these kids have great POWER, and will change the world….but they need others to empower them!!! I see a movement of young people….who rise to see they are not this label or that, but are beautiful and wonderful…and are here to changes things…I am inviting parents to be part of that movement.. 

Check out Tom Menditto, ADHD Coach here: http://www.pittsburghadhdcoach.com/

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