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Lifelong Learning As A Path To Happiness

Lifelong Learning As A Path To Happiness

Here at Total Learning Centers, we are major advocates to the idea of lifelong learning, and the pursuit of happiness. Current research has found that there is no limit to the plasticity of our brains as long as we use them, which creates a more fulfilling life full of happiness and purpose. This is encouraging to those interested in pursuing forms of adult education. TLC offers great programs to students of all ages for those looking to train their brain’s Executive Functioning skills by improving areas of attentions, processing, and memory. For more information on these stellar services for students young and old, check out our Executive Functioning page, or contact us for more information!


By Leila Dorari, Guest Blogger

More than any time before in history, humans have easy access to knowledge that we can use to better ourselves through self-motivated learning. This is largely because of the rise of the internet, creating a central repository for the vast majority of all knowledge in human history. The rising ease of access to the internet means that we are currently living as the most knowledgeable and aware humans in existence.

Anybody that has a smartphone in their pocket connected to the internet, has the potential to learn almost any skill they want. Wikipedia serves as our encyclopedia and YouTube as our demonstrative teacher. Thus, to teach ourselves has become easy. The best part of this ease to learn is the demonstratively positive effect that learning can have on your life. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how and why learning and pursuing education at all ages is an excellent way to promote happiness in your life.


Becoming Your Own Teacher

The best type of motivation is self-motivation and when you combine that with self-guided learning or virtual learning, you have a recipe for success. The power in self-guided learning is that you get to decide what you want to learn and that means that you’re going to be inherently interested in the subject that you’re learning about. Gone are the days of going to school and being forced to study boring facts and figures for a test. Learning is whatever you want, as quickly as you want.

You get to be your own headmaster, so to speak. You immediately become happier because you are learning more about your interest. And, as your knowledge of your interest grows, so too will your confidence and happiness. The more skillful you become, the more happiness you generate from self-guided learning. This happiness is a direct results of your own labor. Watching yourself grow through adult education and become better is practically guaranteed to make you a happier person.


Happiness & Creativity through Learning

Our brains are built for learning. The neurons in our brains form new pathways every time we learn something new. That is to say that another excellent outcome of lifelong learning is the boost in creativity that it provides. Learning inherently means encountering new ideas and then burning them into our memory. The process of doing this means that when we learn new knowledge, we are creating new pathways for our brain. We are boosting our ability to think differently and creatively about the world around us. This makes us better problem solvers in the real world, which leads again to an improved happiness in adult life.

For example, you decide that you want to sharpen your writing skills because you want to become a published author. After attending quality English classes and practice outside of class, you find that you’re now better at emptying your inbox of work emails because you’re now a better writer. Brains love learning, learning boosts creativity, and boosted creativity helps you out in life. Therefore, learning helps improve your happiness.


Classroom Freedom

It’s worth repeating that it’s currently easier than ever to learn new skills and knowledge. The fact that we’re all connected to the internet means that learning can happen anywhere a phone signal exists. There are countless applications available on smartphones for learning languages for instance. Learning can take place while headed to work, revising and practicing the necessary vocabulary for your trip to France.

Similarly, there is an amazing plethora of educational Youtube channels and tutorials available to learn from. This is especially true for those that want to learn to play a new instrument. Fortunately, there are plenty of people posting great lessons for free on Youtube. You can learn easily when, where, and how you want.

Lifelong learning leads to happiness simply because it breeds a sense of confidence in us whenever we learn something new. Sure it might be difficult at times, and struggling with new topics and knowledge can be frustrating, but when we overcome those hurdles, we come out smarter and happier on the other side. Based on these facts, we recommend learning for all ages. After all, it’s easier than ever before and we know that it will help improve your overall life happiness.

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