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School Coaching & Homework Help

School Coaching FAQs:

What is TLC’s School Coaching?
When should my child use a TLC School Coach?
What if the problem is not study-skills, and what can I do to help?



The goal of School Coaching is to teach your child to become a successful students. School Coaching teaches students to know how to plan assignments, organize materials, manage time effectively and complete their homework. Motivation increases naturally with consistent academic success. Backed by proven research-based methods and practices, TLC School Coaching seeks to equip students with tools to grasp the big-picture ideas of school, like planning, organization, self-advocacy, management, and more.

In order to remediate school-related frustrations, use a TLC School Coach when you or your child is frustrated with homework due to problems with assignment planning, organizing, or other study-related skills. These include test-taking strategies and homework monitoring.

Students who have participated in this program have experienced significant boosts in confidence and performance. Often, we receive feedback from our parents letting us know how happy they are with our School Coaching program. The proof is in the testimonials; we have helped their children reduce frustration while keeping them motivated and moving in the right direction.

Our Process

First, we make sure that your child is performing well academically. If they needs help in a specific academic area, that subject takes priority. For example, no amount of help with how to study for a history test will help a student who first needs to work on improving reading fluency or reading comprehension. Fortunately, we specialize in individualized and effective tutoring solutions, and can create a unique plan that incorporates both academic help through individualized, one-on-one tutoring as well as School Coaching. Total Learning Centers offers a comprehensive approach to your child’s education, so that they can grow and learn in all areas.

Not sure if your child’s REAL problem is an underlying issue such as reading, attention, or memory rather than “simply” study skills? We can help make that determination through TLC’s child-friendly evaluation process.

Let us know what you need, and we can help. Not sure what you need? We have helped MANY frustrated parents answer that question too! We will work together to find a solution for your child!

Contact Us today for more information on how we can start helping your child find success! We look forward to speaking with you!

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