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Free Consultations

TLC is here for you.

Navigating your child’s education can be confusing and difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Total Learning Centers has develop a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation service for parents to meet with our expert, experienced directors to discuss your child’s situation and offer a plan of action to take charge of their education (to learn more about our professional staff, click here). This is an opportunity for parents to share their child’s story, to be heard, and to actively work toward school solutions. Our mission is to help students find success, and we are committed to helping students and their families to be informed so that they can make the right choices for their child’s education.




Although Total Learning Centers offers programs and services that are designed to fit every need of the student, you are in no way obligated to choose to use any TLC services if you come in for a consultation. TLC seeks to be a professional resource to whoever needs it as a way to fill the need in the educational community. TLC professionals hope to become advocates and resources to parents and students to discuss and work toward a plan of action to take charge of the student’s education and make the best decisions for their success. We want to hear your child’s story, and be apart of their solutions.

Executive Director Dr. Carol Utay loves meeting with parents to discuss their child, and is excellent at developing solutions to help them become more confident and more successful in school. Check out the short video included above of Dr. Carol sharing more about this free service, and how it can help your child begin their journey to success.

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