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You are the biggest, best advocate for your child, and want to do what’s best to help them be successful. We recognize this, and mirror this goal at Total Learning Centers mission to work with parents and guardians to help our students find school success. An informed parent is a happy parent, so we have included her some of out most-asked and important TLC questions.

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1. What is the TLC story?

Total Learning Centers was founded in 1999 by Drs. Carol and Joe Utay, who saw a need in education and in the community for a learning center that did things differently. With many years of professional experience between them in the fields of education and psychology, Drs. Carol and Joe offered their expertise and understanding of the system to parents, guardians, professionals, teachers, and, most importantly, to students in order to help more people find school success.

The Drs. Utay committed themselves and their center to the best practices available for their students, and to curriculum and methodology that is backed by brain-based learning research. Their focus on student-paced, individualized, multi-sensory instruction sets them apart from any competitors. The professional experience, compassion, and commitment to student success that Total Learning Centers provides its students and their families has results in thousands of success stories and changed lives.

Our teachers and staff are so important to the continuing TLC story. Learn more about our amazing team, and what they can do to help your child remove barriers to learning and find school success.


2. What is the difference between TLC and TLA?

Using a visual metaphor might be a great way to illustrate the relationship between Total Learning Centers (TLC) and Total Learning Academy (TLA). Total Learning Academy is simply a single branch of the larger tree that is Total Learning Centers. TLC is the foundation that offers support and structure to the many other programs and services offered through the Center, including the Total Learning Academy.

Total Learning Academy is an alternative day school program for students seeking another option other than the traditional school setting to best fit their needs and goals. Students attend TLA for the smaller classroom setting, for disability or behavioral support, and many other reasons. Each student situation is unique, and TLA specializes in individualizing their student experiences to fit their needs and support them in reaching their goals. TLA students in high school even have the opportunity to attend college classes through CCAC through a dual-enrollment program if interested! As a leaf to the TLC tree, students have access to all the available services that our Center has to offer, and each teacher and staff member knows that the students are always priority.

Prior evaluations, diagnosis, and education plans are accepted and supported through TLA services, but are not required to qualify.

If the traditional school environment does not seem to be meeting the specific needs of your child, our directors at Total Learning Centers would be happy to meet with you to discuss your child’s situation, and to determine if they would be a good fit for our Day School Program. Our FREE Consultation services allow for parents to come to our Center to meet with professionals to discuss their child’s situation and the options available to them both at TLC and elsewhere.


4. What is a TLC consultation, and what does it entail?

Total Learning Centers offers a completely FREE consultation service to ANYONE looking to find school solutions for their child.

We know that parents are the ultimate advocate for students, and that they want to be fully informed and prepared when it comes to their child’s education. Often, there are questions and concerns that don’t get resolved. Total Learning Center’s extensive professional experience in both psychology and education give them the ability to help parents find solutions for their child, whether that is with the guidance of a TLC program or not.

For more information on what a consultation is and how to schedule one with one of our expert directors, watch the video below and give us a call today!


5. Does TLC offer testing or evaluation services that I can take to their school?

One of the hallmark services of Total Learning Centers are the Evaluation and Testing options, available to all students. Often, parents come to TLC looking for answers for a student who doesn’t seem to be “getting it,” are looking for diagnosis, in need of paperwork for school districts to provide care, or are simply looking for a starting point for their child’s journey to school success. Through our two testing options, we are able to help students fulfill these needs while also giving parents valuable answers to their questions. After the testing, parents are scheduled to meet back with one of our directors to go over the results in depth, and then based on the data and results, come up with an individualized plan of action for the student’s next steps to success.

Testing results give professionals the answers they need in order to best serve the student where they are, and Total Learning Centers is equipped and prepared to meet the student where they are, pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, determine their goals, and support them on their journey through education. With options like individualized, brain-based tutoring, counseling services, an alternative day school program, executive functioning training, and more, we are confident that we can help your child make the right choices, and equip you with answers for their future.


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