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Executive Functioning

“A child’s brain is required to think logically all day long for optimal success. It’s so fulfilling to hear students, parents, and teachers notice a clear difference after Executive Functioning training.”

-Dr. Carol Utay, Founder & Executive Director


Our brains are amazing! What most people don’t know is that we have the ability to make them smarter, faster, and stronger through proper training. Through the development and practice of Executive Functioning skills, we can take advantage of the plasticity of our brains (the ability for them to change and adapt), to improve areas of function that need strengthened. Executive Functioning skills are the ones that we rely on for memory, attention, processing, and reactions.

When students struggle in school, sometimes the problem isn’t just the subject being taught. Executive Functioning affects a student’s life both in and out of school. Deficits in Executive Functioning is complex because it affects large and important areas of the brain, including intelligence, attention, and memory. Luckily, Total Learning Centers is trained to identify and remediate these problems using specially and expertly designed programs to help children speed up and organize their thinking.

With appropriate support through TLC instruction, students learn to improve memory and focus, and feel less pressured. Based on brain-based research, Total Learning Centers’ programs and strategies improve memory, planning, organizing, focus, and processing speed.

Executive Functioning Training is great option for all students, and is available to adults too! Those struggling or worrying about losing their ability to remember can also find success with this program. At any age, you can always learn and strive to be your best.

Top 4 Ways to Improve Brain Power @ Home

  1. Push Your Brain
  2. Get Enough Sleep
  3. Exercise
  4. Minimize Sugar

Signs Your Child Should Be Tested

  • Difficulty sustaining concentration
  • Fails to listen even when spoken to directly
  • Does not complete tasks that require planning
  • Actively avoids and clearly dislikes activities that demand sustained focus without high interest
  • Loses things
  • Difficulty with short or long term memory
  • Complete tasks more slowly than peers

For more information on TLC’s Testing & Evaluation services, check out our page.

Executive Function Program Details

  • 50 hour programs
  • One-on-one tutoring with highly-trained professionals
  • Research-based, game-like activities
  • Progress tracking
  • Improve areas of…
    • Attention & Focus
    • Working Memory
    • Processing Speed
    • Auditory Processing
    • Visual Processing
    • Long-Term & Short-Term Memory
    • Study Skills


It is possible to significantly boost brain power! To find out how to start training your brain with Total Learning Centers, contact us today to schedule your first sessions!

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