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What is Dyslexia?

In this section, we hope to provide a resource to parents to begin to properly and accurately address the many myths surrounding dyslexia. “Having dyslexia” simply means that to be an effective reader, you need a non-traditional way of learning to read. Dyslexia is not caused by lack of intelligence. In fact, people with dyslexia have average to far-above-average intelligence.

When these intelligent children are taught using traditional regular teaching methods, they are smart enough to notice that everyone else but them is “getting it.” They quickly conclude, “Obviously, in spite of what important adults in my life tell me, I am clearly stupid.” This negative self-talk often leads to decreased motivation. For these incredible kids, lack of motivation is not the cause of their reading issues. Put another way, their lack of motivation is a result, not cause, of dyslexia.

Fortunately, there is hope. Motivation can be restored when kids with dyslexia are taught appropriately for how they are wired to learn to read. From that point, their intelligence coupled with their renewed motivation to learn grants them unbridled potential.

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