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Clean, Neat, and Organized

Clean, Neat, and Organized

5 ways to turn this new year’s resolution into reality

You wake up tomorrow morning and see your double moving around your home preparing for the day. Your double appears to be just like you and then you notice the environment. Your home looks completely clean, neat, and organized – every wall, floor, ceiling, décor, furniture, and appliance. Every cupboard, drawer, and closet is clean, neat, and organized. Get a sense of how it feels. What does it do to your physical and emotional energy to be in this environment? Now that you are motivated, read on.

In the same breath as you curse your clutter, you probably remind yourself why the clutter must remain, for now. No doubt you have at least one, and maybe two or three, excuses to not do the following.

  • Only keep what you really need. If you or a child in your family is a collector (euphemism for pack-rat) allow a specific place or container for the collection. When that drawer, closet, or plastic container is full, the only way to add something is first remove something else.
  • Designate each place in your home for a specific purpose. For example, a particular corner of the kitchen counter is only for food preparation, not temporary storage of shoes.
  • Assign each item or category of items to a specific place. For example, all plastic containers and their elusive lids are kept together on a particular shelf and not scattered throughout multiple drawers and cupboards.
  • Put away what you finished using before taking out something new.
  • Follow your mantra, “I might need it someday,” with, “and if and when that happens, I’ll buy a new one or do fine without it.” Then, give the item to someone else or charity.

Next, follow each excuse for not doing these with, “… but what I CAN do is …” Think of each excuse as another bar you put in front of yourself, imprisoning you in own living space. When we walk through Total Learning Centers we look for energy pullers –clutter that tugs at the attention of our students and staff. Then, there is an excuse for it being there followed by, “… but what I CAN do is …” The best part of all – the whole process takes less than two minutes at a time.

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