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Your Child’s Executive Functioning

Your Child’s Executive Functioning


An untapped source of better grades

G. Reid Lyon wrote in his book, Attention, Memory, and Executive Function, “Attention, memory, and executive function play a central role in thinking, problem solving, and other complex symbolic activities involved in oral language, reading, writing, mathematics, and social behavior.” That covers a lot of your kid’s waking life!

Executive functioning is thinking about a problem; planning, organizing, and implementing a solution; keeping track of progress; making changes as needed; and evaluating its success. The stronger your child’s attention and memory and the faster his or her thinking speed, the more successful completion of this process. Therefore, leading to better grades and other signs of success.

If your child’s needs in this area seem more complex than you can figure out, much less improve on your own, just call for help from professionals who can create with you an organized way to help that fits your child’s needs, your busy schedule, etc.

Make improving your child’s executive functioning be one more way to prepare today for success tomorrow. Call Total Learning Centers today!

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