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Celebrating Employee Dedication to the Gift of Learning

Celebrating Employee Dedication to the Gift of Learning

To celebrate their 10 or more years of service at Total Learning Centers, Dr. Carol Utay awarded three unsuspecting employees with a three-day all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Cancun. These employees also received paid time off and up to $750 for airfare and travel expenses. Each member of the team was presented with a framed certificate as well as a thank you card signed by all the students at TLA and Total Learning Prep.

Dr. Carol began by admiring the team overall, but that the amazing team at Total Learning Centers have pulled it together seamlessly.

She said she had always hoped to be able to provide a paid trip to her loyal and hard-working employees but lacked the resources to do it.

Until now.

Let’s meet these wonderful TLC employees:

Diane Hartman is Total Learning Centers’ Senior Director and has been a driving force for the success of Total Learning Centers  for 12 years. She acts as the project manager of Total Learning Centers with her project being Total Learning Centers as a whole. She works hard to keep everyone moving forward, but she is best known for her extensive work with our day school programs and parents.

Kimberlee Bement, currently Total Learning Centers’ Testing Director, has been an asset to the TLC team for 15 years. Kimberlee administers our Academic and IQ Testing and helps give students a map for success over their academic struggles. Her positivity has coined the phrase “what would Kimberlee do?” around the office to encourage positive energy among staff and students.

Ryan Miller is a teacher and counselor at Total Learning Centers’ day school and after-school tutoring program. He teaches a wide variety of subjects from social studies, world cultures, English Language, and school coaching and has been doing so for 10 years. He’s a beloved teacher to his students and to the faculty he shares his wisdom and expertise with.

One more employee was awarded a $300 gift card and a framed certificate and card signed by all the students to thank her for how hard she works to support the teachers and students at TLC and TLA/Prep.

Mary Soisson has been at Total Learning Centers for 8 years, as a Director. She is in charge of all of Total Learning Academy, from curriculum, to students, to teachers. As such, she has worked hand in hand with students and has helped tailor programs to better fit the needs of each student.

Congratulations and thank you to these wonderful and caring employees.

Have any of these employees and teachers had a positive impact on your life? Tell us in the comments!

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