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Five Tricks for Students to Improve Focus in Class

By: Sarah Daren, Guest Blogger Picture this: it’s Friday after a long week, and you’re just not feeling it in class. It’s so hard to keep your focus on the lecture, especially when you’ve got your laptop open in front of you. By the end of class, you have no idea what the teacher said,…
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Home Workouts for Teens

Exercising regularly benefits virtually everyone. However, it’s particularly important that teenagers exercise consistently. Doing so establishes a foundation that will make staying fit throughout life a much more attainable goal. That’s not to say teenagers need to spend what disposable income they have on gym memberships or fancy exercise equipment. There are in fact, many…
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Executive Functioning: Seven Ways Parents Can Help

  By: Madison Smith, Blog Editor Executive functioning, the newest buzz in psychology and education, is largely affecting children’s lives in and out of school. This set of mental skills which include: memory, flexible thinking, and self-control is crucial to managing every day life. As of late, student’s are largely experiencing executive functioning issues. Examples…
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New Year, New Education Resolutions

New year, new resolutions. Just because 2020 has already officially started, does not mean it is too late to make one. The purpose of a resolution is to benefit you throughout the entire year. Check out these great education resolutions that can work for any student looking to make positive changes to their lives this…
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Educational Gifts Your Kids Will Love

By Madison Smith, Blog Editor   It’s that time of year again! With the holidays rounding the corner rapidly, it’s time to finish up gift buying. We all want our children to enjoy the gifts they receive, but we also want products that will help them grow and develop on top of having fun. We’ve…
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Student Spotlight: Zach Ravish

Hello, my name is Zachary Ravish. I am an employee at Total Learning Centers and a student at the day school, Total Learning Academy. I like to play video games and create different pieces of art for others to see. I have always enjoyed writing and one of my previous pieces, a haiku, was entered…
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Homework Survival Tips

By Madison Smith, Blog Editor Dealing with homework is a struggle students and parents face. As the school year moves towards the holidays, student focus lessens. Maintaining positive homework habits eliminate attention from slipping further at home. Accomplishing this daunting task can be made easier by following these homework tips. Creating a positive place to…
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Benefits of Mindfulness Practice for Students

  By Madison Smith, Blog Editor In today’s busy world, it’s easy to lose focus on the present. Lack of focus causes  all to miss out on different experiences in our lives. Staying present allows everyone to know themselves better; improving memory, lessening emotional outbursts, and learning how to deal with stress effectively and communicating…
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Sleep Impact on School Performance

By Krista Harper, Guest Writer One of the most important things our bodies do, is sleep. Having quality sleep is crucial for everyone, specifically children. Missing out on a proper sleep cycle effects cell regeneration along with physical and brain growth. The effects of sleep deficiency can build up gradually, becoming serious issues in the…
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How To Help Children Stay Active For Better Academic Performance

By Sally Writes, Guest Writer Only one in three children in the U.S. leads an active life every day, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Researchers have concluded that the number of children leading sedentary lives who risk becoming overweight or obese is on the rise. Lack of physical activity has…
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