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A Simple Guide for Creating Your Child’s Study Space

A Simple Guide for Creating Your Child’s Study Space

By Paige Mitchell, Guest Writer

Getting homework done can be the bane of your child’s existence—and that’s not including the issue of not being able to easily find all the supplies needed to do their work, managing their emotions, and balancing their schedules and assignments. A small way to make homework easier, and more fun, is by having the ultimate homework station. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Find the perfect space.

Make sure that your child has a separate space from their normal “play” space. This can be a special nook in their room that holds all their school supplies, or maybe in another room. No matter where it is, make sure the space is dedicated solely to homework and is free from any distractions. To do this, declutter the area and make sure there aren’t any distracting noises, such as a noisy HVAC system. If the space is near any loud appliances, make sure to keep them regularly maintained to keep your child from getting off task from these noises.

If a dedicated space isn’t possible, consider a mobile station.

If you live in a small house, or are out and about after school, consider a mobile homework station using a special basket filled with the necessities for homework such as arts and crafts supplies, pencils and pens, bookmarks. This way, your child can immediately grab their homework station for the same effect if they need to get homework done outside of the home.

Make sure the desk has lots of drawers.

Whether it’s old homework or ongoing projects, the amount of paperwork your child will accumulate over a year will be extensive. Be sure to get a desk that has room for organizing these papers so they can stay organized. At the end of the year, you can both go through what papers they need to save and which they can get rid of to start the new school year on a fresh slate.

Get a great chair.

Your child probably sits in a hard, uncomfortable chair all day long at school. Make sure that their chair at home is fit for good posture, and that your child doesn’t think of it as a distraction. If needed, check out a local flea market or thrift shop to find a chair—you’ll want to make this space functional and comfortable, and a proper chair is an essential part of that.

Keep a trash can nearby.

If your child does a lot of creative projects, consider placing a trashcan nearby their workspace. Even if they don’t take on too many crafty projects, you want to make sure they have a place to throw out loose paper or pencil shavings to avoid a big mess. Keeping their workspace clean removes physical and mental noise from their environment.

Create an inspiration board.

Get your child excited to do homework with an inspiration board! This is a tool that can be used to spark their creativity get them inspired to get their work done. Consider buying a cork board to pin things to the board, or even repurpose a shadow box and have them decorate it with magazine clippings and their favorite quotes.

Keep it fun!

Homework typically isn’t every kid’s favorite activity, so trying to make their homework area as fun as possible for them can help with this process. Fill it with their favorite colors and patterns, and let them be part of the design process. Ask them what environment they would want to do their homework in. Soon enough, your student will get into an easy routine thanks to the comfort, consistency and functionality of their homework space, that will help make their homework time as efficient as possible.

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