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4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Happy This School Year

4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Happy This School Year

By Emily Graham, Guest Writer

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When the days get a little longer and the weather cools, it can only mean one thing: School is in session! A new school year can be a wonderful opportunity for students to get a fresh start, but it can also be filled with anxiety. Even the smallest upset can feel like a disaster to your kids and teenagers, but you can prevent many meltdowns by being prepared to fight off trouble before it even begins. Here are some tips for keeping those sweet faces smiling all school year.

Start Transitioning Their Schedules Early

Teens and kids tend to have a lot of free time during the summer, and that can definitely be a good thing. However, if you don’t keep your kids on a consistent schedule, it may be a little trickier getting them back into their school routines. Some children may feel a little anxious about starting a new routine, so help them work through their worries. You can also work on your family’s morning routines, which can go a long way in setting the tone for your days. Take some time to get your home organized so getting ready won’t feel like so much work, and be sure to get yourself ready before you wake up the kids. Your mood will impact their day so make sure you are in a positive mindset before beginning your morning together.


Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

One of the toughest parts of a new school year is getting your kids back into a better sleep routine. But helping your family improve their sleep can help prevent many common school problems, including decreased focus, bad moods, and even illnesses. If your kids are not getting the sleep they need, you may need to begin by getting a new mattress. If their mattresses are more than 5 years old you should pay more attention to the condition their beds. If their mattresses are okay, or you do get a new one, and your kids are still having issues with sleep, you can try some other tricks to help them sleep better before school. Small changes, like limiting screen time before bed and keeping bedrooms cool, can help your children get to sleep.

Take Time to Help Them Thrive in School

As a parent, you know there’s more to helping your kids succeed in school than schedules and sleep habits. You can help your child thrive by taking the right role in their academics, social activities, and emotions. Helping them with their homework or assignments is okay, but make sure they are doing most of the work on their own and don’t be afraid to allow them to make mistakes. However, to keep your kids in groove with school, be sure to balance out their after-school activities with their academics, and help them create a system at home to keep homework and important items organized throughout the year. For kids who just don’t want to go to school, try to keep an open mind and help them work through any issues they may have.

Set Up a Some Study and Relaxation Spaces
For the most part, doing homework on the couch or at the kitchen table is not going to help your children focus. Distractions, like televisions, siblings and even windows, can make it hard for your kids to concentrate. So consider setting up a homework space or study corner for your kids to use instead. Use organizational tools, like calendars and assignments trackers, to keep kids motivated and be sure to have plenty of school supplies to help them study. Pens, paper, notebooks, and highlighters are a must, but you may also want to pick up a basic laptop to help them with research and reports. Kids also need a place to de-stress, so consider setting up a meditation space or relaxation corner with these helpful design tips, to help your children unwind.


Your new school year doesn’t have to cause stress for you and your kids. By being prepared, you can avert many school disasters, and help your kids have their most successful year ever.


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