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Month: February 2018

Mindful Feeling

As I nervously waited for the oral surgeon to start extracting my lower 2nd molar, I decided which podcast would most distract me from the experience. After achieving a state of plenty-numbed, I started listening to NPR’s TED Radio Hour (a synthesis of TED talks on one topic, in this case “Happiness”). I felt a…
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Over 1500 School Shootings- Discussion Points

At Total Learning Centers (TLC) today we had an all-school assembly to talk about the shooting last week in Florida.   Students are, of course, upset about the news. This is normal. My daughter was just starting high school when the first school shooting occurred. She remembers being anxious at school and wants the students at Total…
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Mindful Noticing

Mindful Noticing   Over the past several months, an idea has re-surfaced so many times it has become impossible to ignore its pull. Every week someone asks me about mindfulness – what it is and how it might help them with whatever they’re dealing with in their personal and/or TLC life. Because our schedules don’t allow…
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How Indoor Quality Affects Students’ Academic Performance

How Indoor Quality Affects Students’ Academic Performance Supportive parents are creative when it comes to giving their child’s self-confidence a boost in terms of schoolwork and academic success. Tutoring is one way to ensure children understand crucial concepts, improve their attention and memory, learn at their own level, and follow a program that will ensure they learn…
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