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Month: January 2017

Celebrating Employee Dedication to the Gift of Learning

To celebrate their 10 or more years of service at Total Learning Centers, Dr. Carol Utay awarded three unsuspecting employees with a three-day all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Cancun. These employees also received paid time off and up to $750 for airfare and travel expenses. Each member of the team was presented with a…
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New Year, Lower Grades?

Alternatives to a Sink-or-Swim Attitude “Does my children’s schoolwork just look a lot harder than when I was in the same grades or did I just (mercifully) forget how hard it really was? The first half of the year was okay but now they’re both beginning to slip.” Schools definitely expect much more from students…
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Clean, Neat, and Organized

5 ways to turn this new year’s resolution into reality You wake up tomorrow morning and see your double moving around your home preparing for the day. Your double appears to be just like you and then you notice the environment. Your home looks completely clean, neat, and organized – every wall, floor, ceiling, décor,…
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