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Month: April 2014

Minimizing School Anxiety About Safety

“Mommy, will they hurt students at MY school?” This is a question we received this week from a parent after the tragic stabbings at a school district just outside of Pittsburgh. It is very similar to a question we heard in previous years and was heard so often in 2002 that we published a column…
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E-Readers Make Reading Easier for Dyslexics

A study shows that e-readers make reading easier for dyslexics, allowing them to comprehend text and read with pleasure. Here’s another example of technology helping people. In this case, people who struggle with dyslexia. For some, the act of reading a book can be dispiriting. Matthew Schneps, Director of the Laboratory for Visual Learning at the Harvard-Smithsonian…
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Stricter Criteria for Autism Should Not Affect Services

Last May, the clinical definition for when a child has some form of autism was tightened. These narrower criteria for autism spectrum disorder will probably reduce the number of kids who meet the new standard.  But researchers say the changes are likely to have a bigger effect on government statistics than on the care of the…
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Map Of The Developing Human Brain

Researchers reported that a high-resolution map of the human brain in utero is providing hints about the origins of brain disorders including schizophrenia and autism. The map shows where genes are turned on and off throughout the entire brain at about the midpoint of pregnancy, a time when critical structures are taking shape. Having a map like…
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