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Month: December 2013

ABOARD’s Autism Connection of PA 2013 Fall Conference

Dr. Carol Utay, Executive Director of Total Learning Centers, was honored to speak at ABOARD’s Autism Connection of PA 2013 Fall Conference. On October 8, 2013, Dr. Carol presented to 300 professionals and parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In addition to Dr. Carol speaking at the conference, the students of Total Learning…
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Learning Fears Through Observation

Classical fear conditioning has been used as a model to explain fear learning across species. In this model, the amygdala is known to play a critical role. However, classical fear conditioning requires first-hand experience with an alarming event, which may not be how most fears are acquired in humans. It is not yet determined whether…
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Attention Issues?

Total Learning Centers and Pediatric Alliance Bring you Medical and Non-Medical Pathways to Progress! Total Learning Centers will be featured in an encore joint presentation with Dr. Anthony Kovatch, MD from Pediatric Alliance – Arcadia Division, providing parents with up-to-date information on medical and non-medical methods of coping with a child showing signs of attention…
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Your Child’s Behavior: What to Expect and When to be Concerned

When children throw temper tantrums, and get easily frustrated, many parents question  if they are just acting their age or if there is something they should be concerned about. While your child’s teachers had the benefit of studying child development in their professional training, it can be hard for parents to determine what behaviors are…
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