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Month: September 2013

Is it Only ASD or Could it be Something in Addition?

Did you know that 30% of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have ADHD? At ABOARD’s Fall Conference, Dr. Carol Utay, EdD, Executive Director of Total Learning Centers, will explain the signs of this and other issues often accompanying ASD, including cognitive delays and language disorders. In this seminar, Dr. Utay will not only discuss signs…
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What’s a Parent to do for Homework Help?

Does your child struggle with their homework? Total Learning Centers is hosting an event that will provide parents with information regarding what may be at the root of your children’s ongoing battle with homework. Dr. Carol Utay, Executive Director, and Emily Meyer, Lead Teacher, will provide parents tips to help their children complete homework successfully.…
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Attention Issues?

Total Learning Centers and Pediatric Alliance Bring you Medical and Non-Medical Pathways to Progress! Total Learning Centers will be featured in an encore joint presentation with Dr. Anthony Kovatch, MD from Pediatric Alliance – Arcadia Division, providing parents with up-to-date information on medical and non-medical methods of coping with a child showing signs of attention…
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Executive Functioning Aids the Outcome of Autism

According to a study published June 3 in Child Psychology, children and adolescents who outgrow an autism disorder diagnosis as they mature show abilities within the average range for executive functioning; however, they do not perform as well as controls do. Executive functioning is a term for the group of cognitive processes that direct and regulate…
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