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Month: May 2013

Testing Meets Technology

The ACT will also be available on computers and iPADs in the near future! According to an article in the Washington Post, “The tests will still have the familiar sections to measure students’ English, math, reading and science understanding, as well as the optional writing section that some colleges require.” “It will look like an…
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Walk 4 Friendship!

Looking to honor a special friendship? The Friendship Circle recognizes that being part of an inclusive community is important for people of all ages and abilities.  As a part of its efforts to help local children and young adults with special needs to become more fully integrated into their broader communities, The Friendship Circle is…
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Quick Tip to Prevent PTSD

Right now everyone’s amygdalas are activated- the part of our brains that records dangerous situations as “this is something to fear in the future to avoid harm.” The problem is this is NOT something to fear. So, to counter the that part of your brain’s desire to be very fearful in the future when something…
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