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20 More Ways to Help Children with Attention

20 More Ways to Help Children with Attention

Focusing, shifting, and dividing attention is constantly needed throughout the day. As education and psychology professionals, we know there is a cornucopia of great community resources for you to use to help your child prepare today for success tomorrow in spite of attention “differences.”

Here we’ve gathered 20 ways to help your child with attention:

  1. It is not enough for children with attention problems to have average academic skills. Use a professional tutor to make reading, writing, spelling, and math above average to make up for unfocused times.
  2. Though medication for ADD is overused and abused by many, consider its pros and cons for your unique child.
  3. Find an adult mentor for your child at school.
  4. Create modifications (like providing a 2nd set of books to leave at home) with the school’s “504 coordinator.”
  5. Request a study buddy from the school.
  6. Study skills tutoring will improve organization of time, space, and materials.
  7. Train your child to be a self-advocate.
  8. Counseling can improve relationships and decrease worry.
  9. Sensory integration helps children process information “coming at them” seemingly from all directions.
  10. Social skills classes work wonders to help make and keep friends.
  11. Join a local support group for parents.
  12. Whether at home or at a spiritual center, ensure your child has opportunities to consciously learn good ethical decision making for when they are distracted or impulsive.
  13. Watch your child’s social media posts for time spent and impulsivity.
  14. Annual retesting to check progress and tweak resources and plans.
  15. Consider at least reducing sugar and junk food.
  16. Don’t just preach getting enough sleep; make it happen.
  17. Fun life-changing “brain building” exercises at Total Learning Centers improve the brain’s executive functioning.
  18. The Attention Training Program, also at Total Learning Centers, uses the latest research to improve attention.
  19. Biofeedback and neurofeedback improves attention.
  20. Life coaching applied to children is quite effective enhancing motivation of seemingly “lazy” children.

Pick a resource – any resource – and watch your child’s hidden strengths come out and play … and learn.

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