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10 Simple Breakfast Ideas That Will Give Your Kids a Good Start to the Day

10 Simple Breakfast Ideas That Will Give Your Kids a Good Start to the Day

By Olivia Cheng, Guest Blogger

As a parent to young children, you probably have a rather hectic start to most mornings. You might have to get ready for work and you also have to get your kids ready for the day. 

As challenging as it can be, you want to make sure your kids get a good start to every day. You don’t want them to have to rush too much and you want them to get a good meal before leaving the house. 

For many parents, the morning routine can hit a snag when it comes time to provide a healthy breakfast. An easy solution is to get easy-to-prepare nutritious kids meals delivered to your home. Beyond that, you also have a variety of simple breakfast options that can be good for kids. 

Check out the list below if you are looking for simple breakfast ideas for your kids. And, good news: there is something here for everyone. 

Banana Muffin with Applesauce and Turkey Bacon

This can be a nice well-rounded breakfast kids will enjoy. Banana muffins can make for a tasty breakfast treat and the bacon and applesauce help to complete the meal. All you need to do is make the banana muffins on the weekend and they can be a part of breakfast a few days that week. If your kids don’t like banana muffins or you want to try something new, there are a range of breakfast muffin recipes that can provide variety.

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs with an English Muffin

Being rich in protein, eggs are great for helping your kids get a good start to the day. However, many kids might not like plain eggs. The simple solution to this is to add cheese to the eggs. Most kids love cheese, so it can be an easy way to make eggs more appealing. Put some fruit and an English muffin on the side and you have a solid breakfast. You could also try a range of omelet recipes if you want to add variety or make the meal more interesting.

Cereal with Turkey Sausage and an Orange

Whole-wheat cereal is a healthy option for any breakfast. Put that together with some orange slices and turkey sausage and it is a more complete meal. This is a simple breakfast that can be put together quickly and most kids will love it. You can even try different cereals so your kids won’t get tired of it.

Breakfast Smoothie with Crackers and Cottage Cheese

A smoothie can be a good breakfast for kids or adults. You can mix a variety of fruits and vegetables to create a breakfast drink that is healthy and enjoyable. Along with that, there are so many smoothie recipes to choose from that there is sure to be something for everyone. Add some crackers with cottage cheese on the side and you can send your kids off to school knowing they got a good meal.

Pancakes with Fruit

Pancakes are easy to make and most kids like them. If you want to make it even easier, you can buy premade batter or make a batch of batter the night before. With a little butter and some maple syrup, they make a tasty breakfast and you can add a side of fruit to help round the meal out. Things like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries tend to go well with pancakes, but you can add any fruit your kids like.

Apple Slices with Nutter Butter and String Cheese

This is one of the simplest breakfast ideas you will find. It can also double as an easy snack for when you need to give your kids something healthy in the middle of the day. All you need to do is slice up an apple and give them some nut butter for dipping. You can go with peanut butter if that is all you have, but there are different types of nut butter that can offer different flavors and textures.

Peanut Butter Toast with Banana Slices

Peanut butter toast offers a quick and easy breakfast. Put some banana slices on top and it is a breakfast that can be a healthy treat for people of all ages. Just make sure to ask your kids if they want the banana on top – some kids might prefer to have it on the side. You could also make this meal a little healthier by using wheat toast instead of white bread. 

Breakfast Sandwiches

A breakfast sandwich can be a good way to provide your kids with a healthy meal at the beginning of the day. Depending on what your kids like, you could put these sandwiches together with ingredients like sausage patties, bacon, Canadian bacon, ham, eggs or cheese. You could try different breads or English muffins to put the sandwiches together. Adding a glass of milk can be a good way to make this a more satisfying breakfast.

Yogurt with Fruit and Granola

Yogurt can make for a breakfast that is both easy to make and healthy. Add some granola and fruit to create a breakfast that offers a nice mix of tastes and textures. For some kids, you might want to keep the fruit and the granola on the side. Some kids might prefer to eat them separately or they might want to do the mixing themselves.

Bagel with Cream Cheese and a Side of Fruit

If your kids are young, half a bagel will probably be enough for their breakfast. A little cream cheese spread on top can make for an enjoyable breakfast and then you can add some fruit to fill the meal out. Something like cantaloupe can be a good option for this meal, but you can try different fruit options on different days.

With this list, you should be able to find a few ideas to make your kids a good breakfast without having to spend a lot of time on it. None of these are strict meals that have to be done a certain way. You can mix and match elements from different meals and make minor adjustments to suit the preferences of your kids.

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