Why Students Never Have to Lose Their Work Again

 Losing work due to a faulty hard drive or misplaced documents can cost a student dearly. It’s time to consider cloud storage and here is why.

By Sally Writes

One of the most important components of a scholarship is maintaining good grades. This is only possible through discipline and hard work. But sometimes even these two fail students as they fall prey to matters out of their control. Losing work due to a faulty hard drive or misplaced documents can cost a student dearly. It’s time to consider cloud storage and here is why.

Multiple Access Points Across Many Devices

Students are always on the go and getting notifications and regular updates on their projects will give them the edge. Cloud storage apps allow access through multiple devices, which mean keeping up-to-date is a breeze. What’s more, multiple access points also allow students to work together on group projects, or facilitators to keep an eye on the projects and guide accordingly. For these reasons, it’s important for both students and facilitators to choose suitable cloud storage options to fulfill their needs.

Many Cloud Storage Options Are Free

There are a number of cloud storage solutions that offer students free access and a substantial amount of storage space. This is good news for students who always find themselves on a tight budget. Google Drive, pDrive, and Dropbox all offer free space up to a certain limit. Of the three, Google Drive is the most generous with 15GB free storage.

Cloud Storage Is Far More Reliable Than Hard Drives

Theft, fire, damage, and loss are all risks that those who prefer hard drives will face Although it is true that the disks offer safety from hackers, there are cloud service options that offer an extra layer of security or two. Hard drives can also become costly as students rely more and more on their hard drives to backup all their information. Cloud storage - on a Gig to Dollar ratio - works out far more cost-effective than the hard drives, without all that damage of risk. Students who still find themselves on the fence about this and prefer to do things old school should bear in mind that cloud storage can save them a ton of time. This is because they don’t physically have to share the information by driving around and getting flash drives to all group members. They can also share larger files through cloud storage than through email. But possibly the best consideration for those who have group projects is the dynamic document function which allows real-time changes to take place as everyone makes their contribution.

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