Make the most of summer!

We know that parenting doesn't stop during the summer, and neither should education. Children who continue to learn and actively use their minds during the summer have an easier time in school in the fall.  Summer break is a great time to catch up or get ahead. TLC’s educational summer programs and workshops will help.

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Summer Programs 2017

Summer Intensive Programs

TLC offers three of our 6-month programs as abbreviated intensive options for the summer over 2 or 5 weeks for World of Reading, Cognitive Educational Therapy, and Focusing Attention for Complete Thinking (FACT). These 50-hour programs are completed across only a few weeks of intensive brain-training.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is for students who failed a course at their school during the previous year.  Based on the class curriculum, students may receive one full-credit for 60 hours completed or one half-credit for 30 hours completed. Each session will consist of direct instruction and independent supervised work.

K-1 Readiness

Does your child need a little extra preparation before they step into the classroom?  Through our small-group-based K-1 readiness program, your child will receive the one-on-one attention they need in a stimulating social environment.

This program is scheduled on an as-needed basis with a three student minimum.

High School Writing Workshop

Taught by Mrs. Ruth Butler, all students in this workshop will improve their writing skills.  A two week intensive program for challenged writers to gifted authors, Mrs. Butler utilizes over 20 years as a reading and writing educator to help students with both scholarly and creative writing.

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